Shipping methods

Shipping methods are the rates and services that customers can choose from at checkout. They’re often based on the carriers you work with, and determine what shoppers pay for shipping and how quickly they’ll receive their purchase. Here are a few ways you can charge for shipping:

  1. A variable amount based on weight, location, and delivery speed
  2. A flat rate, such as $5.00, no matter what items are ordered
  3. Free shipping

You might want to have different shipping speeds, like standard, expedited, or overnight. Or you might offer free shipping for orders over $35.00. It all depends on your shipping strategy.

If you decide to charge a variable amount for shipping, the best way to get accurate rates is to connect your store to your carrier using an extension. The extension will automatically calculate shipping charges in real time, based on weight, box size, destination, and other factors so that customers never overpay and you’re never stuck with higher costs than anticipated.